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Client Tools -- Vast resource center for those getting into or exiting the real estate market.

Relocating to Portland -- Interested in moving to Portland.

Portland Metro Statistics -- Raw Portland Real Estate market data.

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How To Make Money With Rental Property:

Think the housing market is in a mess? Not for investors looking for a great deal. Smart investors see this market as an opportune time to be investing in rental property. With low interest rate mortgages, low house prices, and more people needing places to rent, what time could be better?

Creative Financing
To profit while investing in real estate, it is necessary to make sure your financing is in place. In order to acquire the right kind of financing, you have to decide what your goals are. Are you looking to just hold on to the property for a short period of time or looking to rent the home for a long time, ultimately having a nice annuity once it is paid off? Adjustable rate mortgages with a very low temporary interest rate, while being a source of a lot of problems, can be a good deal if you know you can sell the property for a profit before the mortgage reset in 2-5 years. If you are planning on flipping the property, you can maximize your cash flow by only paying the interest. However, for long term real estate investments it is best to have a fixed mortgage. This will allow you to consistently plan your cash flow.

Do your own work when possible
Money can be lost behind the scenes. For example it is necessary to consider the costs of attorneys, realtors, contractors, etc. If you sell a home after 1 month for $10,000 more than you paid for it but paid a real estate agent $5000, a contractor $6000, then you really lost money on the deal.

Some improvements can add value to your home and if you can do them yourself, you can save a lot of money. Hire professionals for the jobs you are not capable of doing. Painting your house, putting in new cabinets, or landscaping your house can add value but only if done right. If a real estate agent can get your house sold 3 months earlier than budgeted and for more money, then you might want to hire a real estate agent to market your home instead of selling it yourself. More importantly, if this is your first investment property, having a paid professional might make sense. It will give you the most insurance that there will not be any stumbling blocks or legal problems that come along the way.

When investing in real estate, don’t get greedy as that attitude can lead to trouble. Make sane, business decisions and you should be able to extend your real estate holdings.

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