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Client Tools -- Vast resource center for those getting into or exiting the real estate market.

Relocating to Portland -- Interested in moving to Portland.

Portland Metro Statistics -- Raw Portland Real Estate market data.

PDX News Headlines -- Pohl Real Estate's news recap around Portland.

Home Search -- Every possible type of search available to you.

Housing Tips -- Useful real estate articles.

Customer Service:

We are committed to our valuable customers, if you notice anything needing corrected. Let us know here.

Pohl Real Estate News for Portland:

Here are some monthly articles written by Geoffrey Pohl, owner of Pohl Real Estate, LLC. If you find any of the articles especially useful we'd love to hear from you!

The Roofing X's and O's

Divorce and Real Estate Don't Mess it Up

Building A Community Through the HOA Newsletter

Selling Your Home Tax Free

Portland Suburb Statistical Findings

Information About Home Warranties

Sell Your Portland Home Fast, Use These Tips

Should I Sell My Portland Home?

What is Buyer's Remorse and How to Avoid It?

What it Means to be Debt Free and Getting There

Portland Real Estate Year End Review of 2012

Ten Surefire Ways to Add Value to Your Home in an Up Market

Interesting Portland Real Estate Statistics ending October 2012

What Is The New Transfer Tax Measure on the Oregon Ballot?

Has the Portland, Oregon Real Estate Market Stabilized?

NW Natural 2012 Street of Dreams located in West Linn

Who is Fannie Mae

Who Is Freddie Mac

What is Shadow Inventory

Lake Oswego/West Linn Homeowner's Lose on Average $70,500!

Thinking of Buying a Home but Have a Ton of Questions

The Average Homeowner's Equity Increased $53,500 in Northwest Washington County!

Home Inspections 1,2,3

Portland Inventory Slashes to 4.5 Year Low

Short Sales Everywhere: Why Would A Bank Even Do A Short Sale?

Should You Put Your Name On The Title?

Property Tax Statements in Oregon

Everyone Wants A Good Deal Can You Help Me?

Why Are Property Disclosures So Important?

1031 Exchange: Defer Your Real Estate Taxes

How Is The Oregon Tax Year Calculated?

Just Around the Corner Is July 4th Holiday Weekend

What Causes Mortgage Rates to Rise or Fall?  How does inflation factor in?

Why Did Real Estate Appreciate so Quickly in the Early 2000's?

I'm Thinking of Buying  A Portland Condo.  What Five Things Should I Watch Out For in regard to HOA's?

What are some Common Fees you pay at Closing when you are Buying?

What is a Lease Option to Purchase and Why Would a Buyer or Seller want to Engage in this type of Contract? 

What's the deal with the Portland Real Estate market in the 1980's?

What is a Short Sale as it Relates to My Home? 

Owner Carry Contracts?  I Want Someone To Buy My Home and I'm Willing To Carry Back a Loan for them.  How do I Execute this with Minimal Fees?

What's The Deal With My Old Woodstove?

 With All The Information I Can Get On the Internet Why Would I Need A Real Estate Professional? 

How Can Community Organizers Help?

Community Workshops: What are they and what do they accomplish?

How Can Putting On  Events In Your Community Increase Demand and Increase Values?

Neighborhood Associations - Building Pride and Appeal for Your Neighborhoods 

Frequently Asked Questions for First Time Homebuyer Tax Credits

The 2009 Year End Recap of Portland, Oregon Real Estate Market

The Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009 Facts 

Oregon Banks Are Hit With Large Volumes of Bad Loans

Hot Off The Press: Obama Administration Announces Plan for State and Local Governments Finance Agencies.

Understanding Your Mortgage Statement

Making Home Affordable Program

WOW!!  The Portland Real Estate Market has seen Six straight Months of Inventory Declines?

Is the Portland Real Estate Market Showing Signs of Stabilization?

 $8000 Tax Credit to First Time Homebuyers Now Being Used as Down payment? Is this true?

Portland's Inventory Slashes in 2009!

Be  Aware Con Artists Target Real Estate for their Next Fraudulent Scam!

Economic Stimulus of 2009 Approves a $8000 Tax Credit for Homebuyers!

I Found A Buyer For My Home but How Do I Protect Myself? Can You Help Me To Close The Transaction?

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