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Everyone Wants A Good Deal Can You Help Me?


How much are you willing to deal with people's problems? You can get a great deal on real estate if you are willing to go the extra mile and solve real problems for people. There is a reason why people get good deals, occasionally is just timing, but more often then not it's work!

First find the properties with problems. If you see an average home in an average neighborhood that's a low probability for a good deal and the price of that home will be driven by more market forces. The key is to work in markets that are few and far between.

How many people want a home that is falling over? Not many right. That would be a good candidate for getting a good deal. What if you happened to know the contractors who specialize in fixing homes that are about to fall over and getting them to be perfectly safe? How hard are you willing to work to find the perfect contractor? How hard are you willing to work to get the home fixed and the problem solved for the current seller/bank/whomever? What if you fixed, sold and made a big profit from selling that house that nobody could sell? You will now be known as the person that can purchase a house that's falling over and you'll get dibs on all the falling over houses.

Another point, not as many people want junkie and ugly houses as they want a new home. Also not as many people have the ability to successfully find and negotiate a short sale to capture profit. Not as many people have the skill set to deal with homes is high crime areas.

The point of the above examples is to find real estate that is unique for some reason or another and you'll find a market that is not so diluted allowing large profits. This is how to position yourself better to find the very best deals.

Real Estate companies who understand that clients want a great deal can be a perfect advocate for you finding you a deal. We can pull up all the expired listings of homes that could not sell. We are happy to help you just cut is in to create a win-win. One thing as a real estate agent we don't like is wasting our time. Who does right?

Remember you profit on the purchase not the sale! If you buy right you don't have to worry about the sale.

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