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Should I Sell My Portland Home?


It depends on your overall goal. If you have to sell at some point in the future than YES right now is an excellent time to sell. Inventory or supply of homes available for sale is very low historically. Interest rates are also very low historically, which means you will have a greater pool of buyers able to purchase your home. Demand is sharply increasing. Portland is the smallest big city on the west coast so it's still cheap and affordable for the middle income buyer. Portland is a growing and attractive city to live and work and play for many reasons. Brewpubs! Do I need say more? Biking! Greenery! Mountains! Rivers! Ocean! Jobs! Local Food! City!

If you are thinking you want to sell to make money just know that you will also need to purchase or live somewhere so unless you are downsizing you are not really gaining much of anything. If you have a problem home that has some quirks it's a fantastic time to sell. Usually, however those people with the quirky homes don't know they are quirky so they cannot take advantage of the lower inventory.

Consider timing your sale to your home. If you have excellent views and great natural light in the summer then sell in the summer. If you have no air conditioning and your home is uncomfortable in the summer because it's too hot then sell in the winter. If your garden is the selling point then sell in the spring. Most people do not have the luxury of selling their home whenever they want but if you do then maximize the homes highlights.

If you are unsure of your home's value then call me today and I'll provide you a no cost comparable market analysis of your home's value.

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