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Sell Your Portland Home Fast, Use These Tips


As a real estate agent I often run into trouble with clients that don't trust my opinion or want to do it their way. Working with clients is very much a give and take. I give them advice and they can choose to take it or not take it. Many of my clients that do not take my advice in hindsight would have. Here are some great tips to take from an experienced real estate company that understand how to maximize profits in a home sale.

1. Be planful and strategic about your home sale. A home sale is a moving target however you can have some basic principles in place depending on the market. For example, if you are trying to capture the high end of the market for your home then work with your agent on when you should take systematic price drops and how much those should be. Complete and finish all the work on the house before the first buyer walks through the door and if this is not possible then take the home off the market or don't show the home for 1 week to get all the work completed. Many times sellers will not want to put any money in the home when the home needs obvious maintenance or changes. Yes they might find that perfect buyer that is willing to take on the maintenance or like the ugly wallpaper but it will cost them. In most cases it's better to take care of the obvious maintenance items prior to selling so you can increase your exposure and candidates for the home sale. This will also ultimately increase the amount at which you make from the home sale. If a home has been on the market a long time it will ultimately hurt your home sale. So it's best to eliminate the majority of objections prior to showing the home.

2. Improve or maximize first impressions: from the moment a prospective buyer steps outside their car give them a sparkling product with clean windows, siding, roof, paint, power washed sidewalk and solid and secure front door and door handles and an immaculate yard.

3. Improve or maximize the home's curb appeal: add flowers, put away yard toys and kids' toys put the car in the garage, trim the trees, clean up the leaves and make your grass the greenest in the neighborhood and make sure it's well manicured with a fresh mow and edging.

4. Improve and maximize the internal staging: make sure the entire home is clutter free. Make sure you pack early and get rid of furniture that is too big for the space. You are going to have to pack anyway so move all the extra furniture to the garage or a POD. Make sure there are no cobwebs and that every light in the home works. Now is not the time to be cheap regarding light bulbs. Make sure the home colors match. That is furniture matches the room and curtains; utilize a professional and get an interior designers opinion. Make the rooms feel large. If you have a 10x10 room don't put a big king bed with night stands in the bedroom. Put in a single bed with one night stand. Make sure there is no dirty grout. Get a steam cleaner and get rid of the dirt filled grout. Polish the hardwood floors and make them shine, replace stained carpet and wash all the windows. This step is probably the most important because nowadays pictures on-line are the key to selling homes so if you've done a good job staging and preparing the home the professional pictures will shine.

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pohl real estate on facebook twitter pohl real estate pohl real estate on linked in E-mail A Friend add this page to your favorites iphone app and qr code pohl real estate